Werder Bremen turf out their Nazi supporters at Bochum

Werder Bremen supporters should feel very proud this week after their fans took a public stand this weekend, turning on a section of their own supporters who unveiled a Nazi banner at Bochum.

Werder fans booed the ‘Nazi fans’ out of the stadium, as a handful of skinheads were escorted out of the ground by riot police, under a barrage of public condemnation against the group.

Werder Bremen general manager Klaus Allofs congratulated his club’s die-hard fans, saying “some of our so-called supporters are Nazis and have quickly been rejected by our supporters. It is a good action from their part, as they did not want to be related to such behaviour.”

Video footage captured the event, seeing the main section of Werder’s away support chanting and cheering as the trouble-makers were seized, before the fans began mocking those being ejected with a round of “Auf Wiedersehen.”

See how the event unfolded here.