Wenger: Still Got It? Arsenal manager challenges reporter to a 1 – on – 1

After last week’s tumultuous press conference in which Arsene Wenger blew his top at the the hacks present for what he perceived to be a lack of respect, the Arsenal manager was the picture of tranquillity at yesterday’s prsser ahead of Aston Villa’s visit to the Emirates.

When asked what ‘what keeps that spark after 15/16 years in the job’, Wenger let a smirk cross his face as he planned his riposte.

”That spark has nothing to do with the length of your life; that spark is just who you are. You’re motivated by how much you win and how much you’re a winner. If I go out now and play 1 against 1 you will see that I will beat you.”

This had the hacks in ribbons, and the challenged reporter meekly tried to avoid the challenge, claiming ‘the knee is not what it was.’

Wenger, in flying fettle, nailed him once more with a quality ‘Don’t look for excuses before we even play!’

The Wenger everyone loves to see.

Perhaps, having been a journeyman player, the question isn’t whether he’s still got it; but whether he ever really had it to lose?

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