Weak evidence supports the claim Liverpool may sign Jeremy Menez from AC Milan

Liverpool fans closely monitoring their club’s activities in the summer transfer market, will likely have come across the rumour claiming that the Reds could be about to sign French midfielder Jeremy Menez from AC Milan.

Unfortunately, the rumour is only wafer thin credibility-wise, and Liverpool fans shouldn’t raise their hopes of the deal coming to fruition.

The story has blown up on Thursday, however it really popped on Wednesday following an article by the Daily Express.

The Express – a tabloid with a small readership and a poor record on transfer rumours – priced Menez at £10.5m, and they offered a couple of reasons why Liverpool are confident of getting the deal done.

Firstly, there is the Raheem Sterling factor. The Express said “it’s understood Liverpool are keen to strengthen their squad” after the sale of Sterling.

Noticeably, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers today said “there’s no need” to replace Raheem Sterling at Anfield.

The Express’s second reason for believing Menez may move was solely based on “the good relationship between the clubs following the sale of Mario Balotelli last season”. That sounds pretty weak.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Express didn’t source the Menez story originally. That work was done by Italian website Calicio Mercato Web.

Crucially, in that first report, it was ‘exclusively’ reported that Liverpool had only begun “initial talks” with Milan over the possible deal. In the best case scenario, that means Liverpool still have plenty of talking to do before closing terms for Menez.

All in all, the reports to date have totally lacked credibility, and the entire story stinks of BS!