We played like Everton! David Moyes couldn’t manage my dog! [Full Time Devils]

On the face of it a 0-0 draw at the Emirates was not a bad result for Manchester United – especially when you consider that Robin van Persie had the two clearest chances of the game.

But, some Manchester United fans saw enough during the 90 minutes to know David Moyes is not the right man for the job.

The money quotes from Maj of Full Time Devils, who recorded his rant in the car park at the Emirates, were “We played like Everton!” and “David Moyes couldn’t manage my dog.”

But, there were also sensible criticisms of Manchester United’s appointment of David Moyes to take over from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Including the questionable “The Chosen One” banner in the stands at Old Trafford.

It makes for an interesting listen and it is difficult to argue with this analysis especially the CVs of the managers that preceded Ferguson.

Manchester United appear to have disregarded some key lessons from their own history.