“We had entered into a confidentiality agreement weeks ago but, in my personal opinion, they [AC Milan] bottled it” – Garry Cook

Returning to Manchester with his tail between his legs, Manchester City chairman Garry Cook has bravely faced the cameras to try and explain why the Kaka deal fell through. And obviously, according to Mr. Cook, the Citizens were not guilty of any failings, rather choosing to pin all the blame on AC Milan for apparently “bottling it.”

Cook: “We had entered into a confidentiality agreement weeks ago but, in my personal opinion, they bottled it… Unlike many football clubs we don’t do our business in public…Today is the first time we’ve made any comment.”

As pointed out by Football 365’s brilliant Mediawatch, Cook’s referral to a confidentiality agreement has come as a bit of a shock.

Mediawatch: “Really? A confidentiality agreement you say? Weeks ago? You don’t do your business in public? First time? Here are a selection of words from one Citeh employee in the last week or so:

“From a football management point of view I would love the opportunity to work with such a talented player…We find ourselves in a special situation. We are interested in one of the top players in the world…We want to make a compelling argument to him that he could be part of something that could be really special” – Mark Hughes, January 17.

“Garry Cook, Khaldoon al-Mubarak and I have discussed this for numerous months and Kaka was in our thoughts right from the outset. It is not something we have only thought of in the last week and decided to act and it would be naive of people to think I have not been involved in the process. It has moved forward at a pace this week. It is a football decision that has been done with a structure and an understanding that we can move it forward” – Mark Hughes, January 16.

“Garry Cook and a number of people went to Milan earlier in the week with a view to getting an understanding of the situation involving the player and that was done” – Mark Hughes, January 16.


Garry Cook’s full interview with Sky Sports News can be seen here.