Wayne Rooney is lucky his elbow missed Abdoulaye Faye

More by luck than judgment.

Wayne Rooney’s aggressive reputation gained further traction on Boxing Day, with the United striker fortunate not to be red-carded after throwing an elbow in the direction of Abdoulaye Faye.

Luckily for Rooney his swung elbow missed his opponent which, had it connected, would have likely earned the number 10 a three-match ban before Faye hit the turf. As described by the Independent’s Sam Wallace, “It was one of those wince-inducing moments of Rooney madness that can strike at any time and he was very lucky that he is less accurate with his elbows than his feet.”

The incident can be seen here.

Rooney’s rap-sheet is growing on almost a week-to-week basis. Just over a week ago at the Club World Cup Rooney found himself in a scrap with Michihiro Yasuda for a loose ball before the United forwrad kicked-out in a reckless fashion at his opponent, as his rage appeared to take hold. (Rooney’s kick-out can be seen 5.50 minutes into this video.)

And just a few weeks previous Rooney faced accusations of kicking out against a serious of Aalborg players in the Champions League.

Maybe an anger-management course is in order.