He Who Shall Not Be Named: Wayne Rooney: “I haven’t seen him (Fergie) since he retired’, looking positively content about that

There’s no love lost between Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Interviewed by Geoff Shreeves last night following United’s win over Real Sociedad, Rooney was asked about the content of his ex-manager’s book, and the conflict that could arise from Fergie still lurking as a club director.

Rooney, though, refuted that possibility with an interesting revelation – they haven’t even spoken since Fergie retired.

Rooney said: ‘No, not at all, I haven’t seen him since I retired; so I’m just happy under the new manager David Moyes’, looking positively contented and almost relieved to that Fergie is now out of sight and out of mind.

It was also notable how he never once referred to Fergie by name, instead using ‘him’ and ‘he’; is Fergie now He Who Shall Not Be Named in the United dressing room?

Also, on the prevailing belief that he put in a transfer request –  perpetuated by Ferguson until now – Rooney believes he’s be exonerated.

At the end of last season Wayne Rooney became something of a hate figure for many Manchester United fans after Sir Alex Ferguson ended his reign at Old Trafford by saying that the club’s number 10 wanted to leave.

Rooney always contested suggestion that he’d handed in a transfer request to Manchester United, but that did little to quell a series of long-winded transfer rumours over the summer all claiming Rooney was a United goner.

As we now know Rooney stayed at Old Trafford, and now it appears that the England striker has been proven to have told the truth about his non-transfer request.

Sir Alex Ferguson altered his story this week saying Rooney never handed in a formal piece of paper demanded his departure from United, and Rooney celebrated that truth in a post match interview after the 1-0 win over Real Sociedad.

Rooney: “He’s (Ferguson) come back and corrected the story that I put a transfer request in … he’s gone back and proven that I didn’t.”

Watch Wayne Rooney’s interview below.