Waxing Lyrical: “Chorus football” & the Didier Drogba “Disgrace” hip-hop remix

Something is in the air this Saturday as two new viral videos spread around the web, both related by mixing the worlds of football and music.

We start off with a video shown on Spanish TV labelled “Coro futbolístico” – “Chorus Football,” where some internet prankster who clearly has far too much extra time on his hands has put together a glee-club of the world’s leading footballers.

Singing the highlight of Whoopi Goldberg’s classic movie Sister Act – “I Will Follow Him” – Cristiano Ronaldo, the real Ronaldo, John Terry, Leo Messi and a host of others heads all line up for the musical number.

“Chorus Football” can be heard here.


The second video comes with a disclaimer, this will be the last Didier Drogba “f****** disgrace” video which we plan to bring you.

Nevertheless you should not roll you eyes as YouTuber “RossKempOnDrugs” has manged to remix the Ivorian’s potty-mouthed outburst hip-hop style, including some cute interludes from Ruud Gullit and Richard Keys to spice up the track.

The Didier Drogba “Disgrace” hip-hop remix can be seen here.