Watch the footage of Tottenham’s Ledley King looking drunk (video)

After the news broke on Sunday morning, the facts are slowly coming to light over Tottenham club captain Ledley King’s arrest on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm at a London nightclub.

Spurs since qualified the story as true, issuing a statement that read “the club is aware of an incident involving Ledley King in the early hours of Sunday morning.”

For a while the story seemed hard to swallow as Ledley, one of the more likable characters in the Premier League, has always managed to distance himself from trouble. Yet, in the world of modern technology, it has taken under 24 hours for footage from the incident to hit the web.

Looking like the video was captured on a mobile phone by innocent bystanders, the nine-second long grainy clip catches a tipsy looking King tripping over his words as he appeared to have had too much to drink.

Footage of Ledley King from the early hours of Sunday morning can be seen here.