Watch Manchester City unveil Patrick Vieira at his press conference (video)

Former Arsenal enforcer Patrick Vieira has been officially unveiled as a Manchester City player at a press conference on Friday.

Journalists were quick and direct in asking the 33-year-old Frenchman whether he still believes he can hack it at the top level, whether he has been confirmed as commanding a starting role for the Citizens, how he’ll feel about facing Arsene Wenger in the league, and his aspirations for Manchester City this season.

Bullishly and confidently, Vieira moved to shrug off any doubts about the move.

I never had a doubt, I am confident. I know I’m not 20, but I am also not 40 or 45, I am still motivated… When you look at the players the club has, then we can achieve a lot. We are not out of the race for the title. We need to believe that we can do it… I will feel the same way against Arsenal, as I do against the other teams.” – Vieira.

Footage of Patrick Vieira’s press conference at Manchester City can be seen here.