Watch Lionel Messi twice move the ball behind referee’s back before scoring free-kick v Real Madrid

7 – With his goal against Real Madrid, Leo Messi has scored more direct shot goals than David Beckham (6) in the Spanish league. Sniper. – Opta.

For the second time this season, on Sunday night, Lionel Messi curled a beautiful free-kick past Iker Casillas in an El Clasico that captured the imagination of the globe.

Unsurprisingly, when combined with the incredible statistic above indicating Messi is a free-kick master alongside the very best, the Madrid-based press have found some footage that suggests the Barcelona number 10 is not adverse to making things a little easier for himself from a set-piece.

The video below is featured by both Marca and AS, high up their respective home pages, whilst it is completely ignored by the likes of Sport and El Mundo Deportivo in the Catalan press.

Messi quite clearly pull the ball back twice from its original position, behind the back of referee Carlos Delgado Ferreiro, with the intention to improve the angle between the place of the kick and the wall.

With walls constantly lining up less than the regulatory 10 yards, is it any wonder the likes of Lionel Messi try to create a small advantage of their own?

Judge for yourself on the videos below.

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