Was Per Mertesacker making fun of Olivier Giroud at Arsenal training yesterday?

The picture included in the Tweet above has gone viral.

It is fairly common to see images of Lukas Podolski laughing in Arsenal training and the image of Mesut Ozil giggling at Per Mertesacker was swiftly put with Olivier Giroud in his pants.

For those who don’t know, the picture of Giroud in his pants was published by The Sunday Sun who suggested the Arsenal striker slept with model Celia Kay.

This has since been denied by both Olivier Giroud and Celia Kay.

Nevertheless, the image above has gone round the internet with many suggesting Per Mertesacker was taking the mickey of Olivier Giroud during Arsenal’s training ahead of Bayern Munich.

Not sure it is possible for us to know, without asking Arsenal’s BFG…