Walcott talks about grime song ‘Sign da ting’ and how Podolski sings it to him in training

There’s been plenty of talk recently about whether pacy winger Theo Walcott will sign a new contract at Arsenal. The fans and the club are desperate to hold on to one of their stars after their past failures in this area.

The Arsenal fans have made it clear how they feel on the topic. The group, known as Roxy Arms, have urged Walcott to ‘sign da ting’ in a brilliant song.

Manager Arsene Wenger talked about the current situation on Friday. “I am [frustrated], honestly yes. Between the player and me it is all clear, he knows what I want and he has to make up his mind”.

England winger Theo Walcott was interviewed whilst he was doing a Nike shoot for his new boot. During the interview he was questioned about the song directed at him. Walcott tells the cameras Lukas Podolski sings in to him at the training ground. That is something we would love to see!

The song ‘Sign da ting’ and the interview can be viewed below:

‘Sign da ting’:

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Walcott interview. Go to 2:48 to see Walcott ignore the question, and joke about Podolski: