Wacky Mac: Schteeve McClaren admits to being “crazy”

Steve McClaren has delivered yet another PR disaster in his latest post match interview at FC Twente, calling himself “crazy” and directly then contradicting himself within one minute about the timing of his first meeting with his new employers.

Things had started so well. Twente are riding high in the Dutch Eredivisie, currently sitting in third place after having beaten Vitesse Arnhem 2-1 at the weekend. And maybe it was this relaxed frame of mind which coaxed Schteeve into dropping his guard. Regardless of the reason, the result was a car-crash on screen.

Amazingly, despite having been in Holland from almost half a year McClaren still hasn’t grasped how to talk properly, continuing to speak (or should that be sing) in pratronising broken English and short sentences. But it was his substance rather than his form which made him look like a prat this time.

After two minutes of the interview the presenter asked McClaren about Joop Munsterman, Twente’s chairman, who was apparently sitting in the studio giving his views. McClaren instantly became animated, the smile beaming across his face as he got a chance to talk nonsense.

And that is exactly what he did. Beginning his ramble by calling Joop “crazy,” McClaren happily went about recalling the time “when I first met him five years ago he said he would build and new stadium and get into the Champions League and he’s done it… We’re probably both a little crazy and that’s why we suit each other.”

When the presenter finally got an opportunity to ask another question she quickly went about trying to find out more information about this first meeting between McClaren and Twente five years ago.

Brilliantly McClaren found himself in a hole, his face dropping to the floor, with his only option being a numbnuts rebuttal of “I said five years ago he said to everybody he would build a new stadium and get them to the Champions League and he’s done that. He told me that on the first day I met him.”

Glad no-one saw that. Oh, we did!

See Schteeve McClaren’s interview here.