Vulnerable Fergie?! Jon Snow trolls Sir Alex Ferguson with epic grilling: ‘You fell out with all your stars, your control obsession was Stalinist’

So all it took was for the Knight of the Realm to retire to lose his veneer of impenetrability.

Appearing on Channel 4 as part of his book promotion, Sir Alex Ferguson took the grilling of his life from political commentator Jon Snow, who had Fergie on the ropes at times and looking more vulnerable than ever.

Grilling him on hitherto taboo topics, – falling out with star players, his ‘Stalinist’ obsession with control, his hypocrisy in being staunchly left-wing yet backing a capitalist takeover; Fergie could barely pause for breath as the shellacking continued unabated.

It was quite amazing to see the normally untouchable Ferguson shuffle uncomfortably in his seat, as if he was coming to realise there and then that he’ll never again wield such hypnotic control over the media or the commentariat, and even had to wrongly pull up Snow to ‘get his facts right’, as if waiting for the referee’s bell!

Watch Jon Snow troll Fergie with an epic grilling on the clip below.

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