Vote: Should Alexis Sanchez have won a penalty at the San Siro? (AC Milan – Barcelona)

“Penalty? Yes, [Alexis Sanchez] was clearly held back. I could it see on the screen too but the referee said no. His task isn’t easy, no excuses.” – Carles Puyol.

“What’s the use of two extra goal-line referees if they don’t see clear penalties? If they don’t give it, they didn’t see it.” – Pep Guardiola.


Whether or not Alexis Sanchez deserved a penalty in Milan was one of the big talking points following the anticlimactic San Zero on Wednesday night.

19 minutes into the first half Barcelona’s Chilean forward was sent sprawling in the six yard box when he connected with Milan keeper Abbiati.

Milanistas contended that Sanchez had overrun the ball, and thus he looked for contact with the Rossoneri number one. The Blaugranes believed their striker was illegally scythed down in the box. While many felt that the fourth official was too timid to make any decision either which way, and so he bottled it and did nothing.

Watch Alexis Sanchez’s penalty shout here.

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In the second half there was also another Barcelona penalty claim, with Carles Puyol pulled back in the box.