Vicious: Keeper Pedro Taborda (Brasov) assaults Marius Curtuius (Gloria), gets sent off

Romania’s Friday night game between Gloria Bistrisa and Brasov ended 1-1, but Brasov were left with a man down after their goalie had a vicious meltdown.

With barely seconds left to play in the 95th minute, Brasov won a free-kick in their box which stopper Pedro Taborda wante dto thump long quickly to try and create one last chance for his team.

As so often happens in football though, an opponent, Gloria forward Marius Curtuius, took it upon himself to stand over the ball in order to deny the quick free-kick opportunity to play out.

That pissed Taborda right off.

Furious with Curtuius’s close proximity, the keeper crazily kicked the number 19 on his shins, and then perhaps most cynically of all tried to play the whole incident off as if he assaulted Curtuius by mistake as he tried to take the set-play.

The ref, who saw the whole thing play off, was quick to issue Taborda with his marching orders.

Watch Pedro Taborda’s nasty assault below.