Virals Videos: Terry Venables, Harry Redknapp and Ian Wright offer their BIG opinions on the season ahead

Although the season started several weeks ago in England, the nation’s favourite red-top, The Sun, have now chosen to release a couple of viral videos in which their top football pundits go public with some of their “Big Opinions” of the season ahead.

Football365’s Mediawatch have had a field-day with these new commercials, finding every angle in which to tear them to shreds.

“Is anyone actually listening to what is being said by these sages of the game? Mediawatch suspects not because, if so, then we all might have noticed the measly size of the ‘Big Opinions’ being trumpeted. Take advert number one, simply titled by The Sun’s advertising people as ‘New Season.'”

“After Venables kicks off with the ‘big opinion’ that the Prem is the best league in the world, Redknapp appears to declare, ‘There’s gonna be twists and turns…players moving.’ Thanks for that. Will there also be goals and crowds? Next up, it’s Wright(y): ‘Is he worth eighty million? Is any player worth eighty million?’ Well, Mediawatch has its own view but isn’t the point of this exercise that you’re supposed to be telling us what you think?”

The Sun’s first ad can be seen here.

Mediawatch continued to dissect The Sun’s second offering.

So what gems of opinion are to be learnt on this occasion? Hang on to your hats, folks, because, in yet more Big Opinion stylee, there is the disclosure that ‘you can’t do any more than win all your games,’ ‘there will be kids pushing for places,’ ‘David Beckham has got a chance,’ and, most controversially of all from Wright(y) himself, ‘I definitely think England will qualify for South Africa.'”

“It’s a bold call given that England have managed seven wins from seven qualifiers so far and will book their place with victory over Croatia at Wembley next week.”

The Sun’s second ad can be seen here.