Viral Video: Ryan Giggs shows off new jumpers for goalposts technology

Without doubt the best April Fools joke of the day is found in the Daily Mirror, as the red-top manages to snare Ryan Giggs and Darren Campbell into participating in an excellent prank.

The joke was wrapped up in the believable tale that the days of arguments in the pick-up park games may be about to come to an end, as Reebok launch their new technology aimed at bringing “jumpers for goalposts” into the 21st century. A chip inside the Reebok AF1 (get it!!) ball connects with a sensor placed inside the jumper, that in turn sets off a sensor when the ball travels over the jumper.

We must admit that for a minute we even believed this to be true, especially as there is a promotional video to boot.

The excellent April Fool’s joke can be seen here.


The Mirror were not the only outlet trying to pull the wool over their readers’ eyes today.

The Daily Mail failed miserably with the horrible attempt that saw them write “Tottenham, Manchester City, Wigan and Bolton are the shock front runners for a place in next season’s Champions League. UEFA chief Michel Platini late last night announced plans for the least indebted club in the Barclays Premier League to be awarded a berth in the first qualifying round of next season’s top European competition.”

That never came close to sounding truthful.