Viral Video: Nike reclaim the V-sign & Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin explains what victory means to him

The two finger salute is interpreted differently by different people. It can either be adopted as a representing victory or, as it is more commonly seen on the streets on Britain, it can used by people as an offensive gesture.

Looking to do away with the negative connotations, Nike have employed a galaxy of football and sport stars to reclaim the positive spin which can be associated with the gesture. V, once again, shall stand for victory.

Cesc Fabregas, Adriano, Kun Ageuro, Giovani Dos Santos, Joe Cole and Didier Drogba all feature in the ad campaign, with the footballers seen proudly sticking their two fingers up to the camera in a variety of different scenes.

The video also includes behind the scenes footage of how the Nike ad was put together, as well as an explanation of the message behind the campaign.

Nike’s latest viral ad can be seen here.


UPDATE: In a second video from the same campaign, new Arsenal forward Andrei Arshavin gets in front of the camera to explain what victory means to him as well as discussing how he enjoyed making the Nike video.

The Arshavin interview can be seen here.