Viral Video: Alex Nimo (Portland Timbers) drags Matthew Mbuta (Crystal Palace Baltimore) off the pitch

An amazing video from the United States Soccer Federation Second Division, from the match between the Portland Timbers and Crystal Palace Baltimore.

We pick up the footage in the first minute of injury time with Crystal Palace Baltimore defending a slender 1-nil lead against the Portland. With the sands of time clearly not running out quick enough for the American Eagles, a crazy sequence of events began to unfold when several Palace players, including Matthew Mbuta (pictured), hit the deck at the same time.

With the Portland players clearly not buying the claim that all-of-a-sudden the Palace players were simultaneously struck down with injury, dinky Alex Nimo decided to take measures into his own hands. Determined not to lose any time for the opposition’s time-wasting, Nimo set upon Mbuta, grabbed him by his ankle, and started to literally drag him off the pitch in an effort to restart the match.

The referee quickly intervened and called for medical assistance for Mbuta. But disgracefully, as soon as the Baltimore medic came onto the pitch to tend to the number 14, he instantly got back on his feet – seeming to prove that Mbuta was faking injury.

The footage of the bizarre incident can be seen here.


From one faking extreme to the polar opposite, poor Esbjerg midfielder Tim Janssen suffered this week after a horrible collision with Sonderjyske’s Olafur Skulason.

The footage can be seen here.