Violent Red Star fans face prison for pitch invasion (video)

What happened to fans across Europe over the weekend?

In a series of incidents from the comical to the violent, a slew of pitch invaders made their way onto pitches across Europe on Sunday. In England, Craig Bellamy remains in trouble for his confrontation with the rogue Manchester United fan (watch here). While in Russia, Vodkas are still being toasted to the fat Saturn fan who scored a penalty in the match with Spartak Moscow (watch here).

Serbia witnessed the most aggressive pitch invaders of the weekend though as Red Star Belgrade fans strolled onto the turf in the match away at Sartid Smederevo before goading the home stewards into a fight in the middle of the ground.

The incident occurred in the 53rd minute as an oversized looking thug, wearing red shorts and a black top, slowly marched across the field before finally being approached by a steward. After a brief stand-off between the pair additional stewards tried to grab hold of the man, only for the slippery customer to break free and hold up his fists ready to duke it out.

Eventually the fan was set upon, but under a barrage of kicks and punches from the the home stewards, the Red Star players decided to help out their supporter by stepping in to break up the fight.

Incredibly, the incident ended with the pitch invader and his goons being allowed to roll back over the fencing from where they came with no sight of any police intervening in the situation.

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According to post match reports, Serbian police are now looking into the matter with the fans being threatened with five years in prison for the violent behaviour.

Footage of the brawling Red Star fan can be seen here.

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