Vinny Jones sings Arsenal songs before committing suicide on the TV show Elementary

It looks like Vinny Jones’ days on the CBS TV show Elementary are over.

Former Wimbledon midfielder and now Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones has been a regular character on the current season of the US show Elementary, with Vinny playing the role of a psycho killer who is also a major Arsenal fan.

Jones, aka Sebastian Moran, has previously killed some of his victims whilst watching the Gunners, whilst also rejecting the advances of a prostitute because he wants to watch “The Arsenal.”

On last week’s episode it looked like Vinny Jones’ character was finally killed off.

After being locked up in a prison cell, Jones smashed his head against a glass mirror in a suicide attempt, but before he snuffed it he made sure to sing a couple of Arsenal songs on screen.

Not viewers of the show, we can only assume that Vinny Jones’ character really hated the thought that Arsenal may be in the Europa League next season.

Watch Vinny Jones sing “Who’s that team we call the Arsenal” below.