Vin Diesel at Chelsea v Aston Villa, fan asks Roman Abramovich for ‘just’ £5 million (Video)

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The guys from CheekySport had a busy day on Saturday, as they were at Tottenham’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool at White Hart Lane, before they headed to Stamford Bridge for Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Aston Villa.

Apart from their usual chat with fans after both games, the CheekySport lads also caught up with some heavy hitters outside the grounds.

At Chelsea, Hollywood star Vin Diesel was spotted walking around the ground, and the lads managed to speak to the actor briefly.

Then Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich appeared in the street, and the jokers asked the Russian billionaire for “just” £5 million.

Back at Spurs, Harry Kane revealed he was having chicken for dinner.

Watch the video below.