Vilanova slams Guardiola: I needed him, but Pep wasn’t there for me during my cancer rehab

All out war has broken out between former Barcelona boss and his ex-assistant Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova.

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Now at the helm at Bayern Munich, Pep slammed the Catalans in the press last week claiming that Barcelona’s President Sandro Rosell refused to leave him alone when on sabbatical in New York.

Moreover, Pep told reporters:

[Barcelona] have crossed the line. To use Tito Vilanova’s illness to hurt me is something that I will not forget. I saw Tito when he was in New York and if I have not seen him then it was because it was not possible, but not on my part. Do I have to justify that I want things to go wrong for someone who I have had for so long beside me as a colleague? This is in bad taste.

Now Vilanova has hit back.

In a presser on Tuesday at the Nou Camp, the current Barcelona boss has criticised Guardiola for not coming to visti him during his cancer rehabilitation in New York.

Nobody on the board has used my illness against him. I am delighted by the treatment of the board, they have helped me and are my family, they were concerned about me. We met in New York the first time I went over.

When I was there for two months for treatment, I did not see him and it was not my fault. He is my friend and I needed him and he was not there. I would have acted differently. I will not answer any more on this matter. And if I have is it because the other day there was a reference made to me.

Watch Tito Vilanova’s explosive criticism of Pep Guardiola below.