Videos: Vinnie Jones appears on US show Elementary as a psycho killer Arsenal fan

Arsenal fans have received some fairly negative publicity over recent days due to the abuse handed out to Samir Nasri and Marouane Chamakh before the Manchester City match, but this is nothing compared to what has been appearing on US television.

Former Wimbledon midfielder and now Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones appeared on the US show Elementary last week as a psycho killer Arsenal fan.

Jones played a killer called Sebastian Moran – who Sherlock Holmes believes is his arch-nemesis M.

Moran just so happens to be an Arsenal fan which is mentioned a couple of times in the show.

During the show, Moran, played by Jones, kills some of his victims whilst watching Arsenal and also rejects the advances of a prostitute because he wants to watch “The Arsenal.”

In a scene that might be played out in any number of living rooms in north London, Jones says: “D’you Mind, Luv – The Arsenal are playing…”

And, in another clip, Moran explains that he spent some time in Brixton prison due to a “misunderstanding with a Manchester United fan… he was running around slagging off The Arsenal.”

Two videos below show Vinnie Jones playing Sebastian Moran – the psycho killer Arsenal fan in Elementary.