(Videos) “No one loots us” – Millwall fans praised for protecting Eltham

“No one loot us, no one loot us, we love Eltham, super Eltham.” – Millwall fans.

The rioting and looting that has hit London and other areas around England has already seen the England-Holland international called off, as well as London based Carling Cup matches on Tuesday night. There has also been another football-related impact and it was unlikely to have been predicted by anyone.

For so long, Millwall fans (pictured left, outside a pub in Eltham on Tuesday night) had gained a reputation as the worst hooligans of the lot. Glorified in numerous books and films as well as persistent trouble in east London made supporters of the Championship side the most widely cited of all bad boys.

Last night though, Millwall supporters turned the tables on their reputation by protecting Eltham from gangs of youths that threatened more rioting and looting.

It says much about the situation in England when Millwall fans come to the rescue but they have been widely praised since Tuesday evening. As one Millwall fan told The Guardian in the video below: “Eltham hasn’t been touched by riots … we’re doing the job of the police.”

For so long Millwall fans have fought with the police, last night they were helping the London coppers. Perhaps tonight we will see Manchester United and Manchester City fans protect Manchester?!


Guardian report on Millwall fans protecting Eltham.

YouTube footage of Millwall fans joining the police in chasing looters down Eltham High Street.

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