Karaoke Carols: RVP sings ‘Glory, Glory Man United’ & Kagawa does Gangnam Style

Rio Ferdinand alerted his Twitter followers to the comedy karaoke moments on Sunday morning, but it wasn’t till Sunday afternoon that everybody else has been allowed in on the joke.

Manchester United’s squad held their Christmas party on Saturday night at a local eatery, Rocco Restaurant.

As part of the festivities some of the United new boys were called upon to entertain their teammates, specifically former Arsenal forward Robin van Persie and Japanese superstar Shinji Kagawa. The pair, happily, didn’t disappoint.

Van Persie, surely in a move set to irk Arsenal fans no end, gave a rendition of  ‘Glory, Glory Man United’ in front of the crowd of Red Devils.

The Dutchman’s efforts, however, failed to get top billing during the night out as Kagawa belted out his version of Gangnam Style in a brilliant, full-of-gusto effort that brought the house down.

Watch the Manchester United players sing their karaoke carols below.

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[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”278293″]