VIDEO: Wayne Rooney gets caught trying to drink a pint during Manchester United-Chelsea

This is one of the best clips for some time.

After his much publicised injury picked up during Manchester United’s Champions League match with Bayern Munich last week, the Red Devils’ talisman was forced to watch his side’s crucial 2-1 home defeat against Chelsea from a box at Old Trafford.

Sitting alone behind the glass, though, did not stop the cameras from following his every move, as Rooney was brilliantly caught trying to neck a pint during the match.

The Match of the Day camera watched on as a Manchester United waitress entered Rooney’s box and placed a pint down on the table. Likely suffering from a guilty conscience over his thirst to neck the pint, Rooney craftily was then seen decanting the bevvy from the pint glass to a smaller vessel as he seemingly attempted to cover his tracks knowing that the lens could focus on him at any point.

But just before he was about to have a slurp, Rooney seemed to catch himself on the monitor and, caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Wazza was denied his opportunity to drink in peace.

Wayne Rooney’s attempt at drinking a sneaky pint can be seen here.