Video: Torres hangs out with Benayoun because he has junk food, while Mascherano fancies himself at Playstation

Last week Israeli TV ran a feature report on national treasure Yossi Benayoun. The hour long show included an in depth one-on-one interview with the Liverpool midfielder with everything from his personal life, whether footballers should be on such big contracts, to who puts on the music in the dressing room, and many things in between, were fired at the footballer.

As may have been expected, Yossi remain affable and calm under the lights, responding with open-book responses including remarks that Jermaine Pennant consistently incurs late fees and explaining why he turned down a mutli-million dollar offer to move to Spartak Moscow.

During the show other Liverpool teammates were also caught on camera.

One of highlights included a segment on how Benayoun buddies up with Torres on trips, with the Spaniard revealing that the skinny Israel walks around with chocolate and sweets in his bag to counter the dull food the players are served.

Discussing then moved onto social activities, with Yossi, Torres and Javier Mascherano all discussing how they play Fifa on the PlayStation, Torres claiming to have the edge of his teammates while Mascherano talked passionately about how he hates to lose.

The clips described above can be seen 4.20 minutes into this video.

The whole show can be seen here: Opening credits, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.