Top of the Schmoks: Lukas Podolski releases a Euro-pop single “Halleluja”

Lukas Podolski. Why, oh why, oh why?!

Everything seemed to be going great for the striker recently.

After jumping ship from Cologne to join Arsenal, the left-sided forward has played his part in Germany’s progression through to the Euro 2012 semis.

But just as he is riding the crest of a wave, the new Gunners’ attacker has self-sabotaged his mojo by releasing an awful music record called “Halleluja” (with the help of Cologne-based band Brings).

The only positive about this video seems to be the indifference Podolski has to having himself taken seriously. Wearing a fashionable t-shirt and loose tie combination, and diving straight into the music by auto-tuning the first verse, we can only conclude Lukas doesn’t mind placing himself as the punchline of the joke.

Watch Lukas Podolski’s single “Halleluja” below:

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(credit to @kevin_mng for the tip off)