VIDEO: Teenage Millwall fan gets punched in the face by police during Huddersfield play-off

The name of Millwall Football Club was again dragged through the mire on Saturday after Lions supporters and their warring Huddersfield counterparts needed to be separated by police during their League One play-off.

According to reports three fans were ­arrested after trouble flared in the stands following the final whistle at the Galpharm Stadium. Officers with batons ­entered the visiting fans’ section of the ground as bottles were thrown on to the pitch and between the two sets of supporters.

The cameras also caught a particularly grave incident when a 30-something looking policeman, wielding his baton, was filmed in a heated confrontation with a teenage-looking Millwall fan. Although the specifics of the incident cannot be verified, the TV footage clearly caught the policeman initially pushing the teenager on the floor, and when the youth jumped back on his feet the policeman was seen laying a powerful left hook in the kid’s face.

That sparked even more tension in the crowd as Millwall fans looked to protect their own while the police were standing just inches away from the them.

The horrific footage can be seen here.