VIDEO: Stupid Spurs ball-boy loses his bearings and runs on the pitch (Tottenham-Bolton)

He thinks it's ball over: A Spurs ball boy found himself centre stage when he retrieved the ball while it was still on the pitch. Bolton's Paul Robinson (below left) sympathised and fans saw the funny side One of the most comical incidents of the Premier League weekend arrived at White Hart Lane on Saturday as an over-enthusiastic Tottenham ball-boy appeared to lose his bearings as he ran onto the pitch and stopped the ball while the match was still in play.

The incident arrived after Gareth Bale had tried to set up a goal scoring opportunity by whipping a cross into the mixer from the left. Without nobody able to get on the end of the cross, the ball drifted all the way to the far right hand corner, but crucially it never actually crossed the line to go out of play.

Eager to live up to his responsibilities, one trigger-happy ball-boy immediately jumped to his feet as the ball was heading in his direction. But, with Bolton’s Paul Robinson charging over to the sideline to keep the match in play, the young Tottenham helper managed to get in the full-back’s way as he beat Robinson to the ball where he stopped the ball dead with his hands.

The over-eager Spurs ball-boy incident can be seen here.

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