VIDEO: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) elbows Michael Brown (Portsmouth) in the head

Steven Gerrard is placed under the microscope again this week after the Liverpool talisman appeared to elbow Portsmouth’s Michael Brown in the back on the head during the Reds’ 4-1 victory at Anfield on Monday night.

The incident occurred in the final stages of the match as Gerrard, bursting upfield to try and assist Maxi in a counter-attack, found himself involved in a scuffle with his opposite captain that ended in blows between the pair.

Brown, a football with a poor track record of dishing out fouls himself, was caught on the replay striking Gerrard’s chest as the Liverpool number 8 began breathing down his neck, yet it was Gerrard’s response which caused controversy. In retaliation for Brown’s invasion on Gerrard’s personal space, Gerrard lamped Brown on the back of his head, leaving his victim prostrate on the floor.

The officials missed the incident, and Gerrard escaped punishment.

Steven Gerrard’s elbow on Michael Brown can be seen here.


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Gerrard wasn’t the only football spotted throwing his weight around this week.

Saturday’s Scottish Cup match between Kilmarnock and Celtic was spoiled by an incident in the first half when Bhoys defender Morten Rasmussen clocked Killie’s Frazier Wright around the head which left the victim needing stitches.

In yet another situation in which the match officials missed the incident, Wright has since been vocal in his anger at Rasmussen, shooting off soundbites which he hopes will cause the SFA to punish the player in retrospect.

Wright: “He swung an elbow at me. I asked David Tanner of Sky about it when we came off at half-time after someone said replays showed it was quite obvious Rasmussen had done it. I wasn’t happy at the time but Rasmussen claimed he was trying to get free from me. He said: ‘You shouldn’t be close to me,’ so I replied: ‘Sure, I’ll let you stand in the six-yard box and score.’ ‘But he definitely caught me. If he meant to do it, it’s not very nice. Hopefully, it’s something which will be looked at. If it was one of us who had done the same thing, it would be picked up on. If TV pictures prove he has done it, then I’m all for Rasmussen being done.”

Footage of Rasmussen’s elbow on Wright can be seen here.

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