Video: Sir Alex Ferguson gives reporter the hairdryer treatment on Man United US tour

Kudos to the excellent daily read that is Football365’s Mediwatch for unearthing a brilliant example of Sir Alex Ferguson’s “hairdryer treatment” on Manchester United’s recent US tour.

Ferguson’s anger was apparently piqued by Bob Cass, a reporter of the Mail on Sunday who had attributed quotes to the Manchester United boss surrounding the on-going transfer saga of Wesley Sneijder.

In a story titled “You blew it Sneijder, insists United boss,” Cass attributed the following quote to Sir Alex Ferguson: “If he wants to come he must accept our contract offer. If not, we have other options in mind. We’re done talking.” (This has since been changed to a “United source” on the Daily Mail website.)

Despite Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Barcelona on Saturday night, Ferguson was pissed with Bob Cass and confronted the reporter on his way out of the stadium, with the following exchange:

Ferguson: “What was that f**king quote in newspaper the other day?”

Cass: “I can show you my copy I sent… you better believe that I can… I can show…”

Ferguson: “You and your paper can f**k off.”

It was Mark Hughes who coined the phrase “The hairdryer treatment” during his playing days at Manchester United and this has to be one of the first times it has ever been recorded on video. Fascinating stuff.

Sir Alex Ferguson giving the hairdryer treatment to Bob Cass can be seen here.

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