Video: Roberto Mancini refuses to reveal Sergio Aguero’s “stupid” injury

“It is a stupid injury.  It was not his fault but he can’t play with this injury; for one day, 10 days or two weeks. I don’t know. I prefer not to say. But he couldn’t play against Stoke and can’t play tomorrow. I hope he can recover for Arsenal next weekend.” – Roberto Mancini.

The Manchester City press conference on Friday, ahead of the match with Sunderland tomorrow was dominated by talk of Sergio Aguero’s mystery injury that Roberto Mancini refused to explain.

Aguero missed the draw with Stoke last weekend and could be out for a couple of weeks but Bobby MC doggedly refused to answer a number of questions from the waiting journos.

What could be wrong with Aguero and how he sustained the injury has been the talk of Twitter over the past hour or so with the hash tag #agueroinjury trending in the UK.

Comical football injuries are common place (Santaigo Canizares missing the 2002 World Cup due to an aftershave accident is a personal favourite) and surely Aguero’s will come to light.

In the meantime feel free to suggest what happened to Aguero in the comments section below.

Video of Roberto Mancini evading questions on Sergio Aguero’s mystery injury can be seen here.