VIDEO: River Plate’s Diego Buonanotte involved in fatal car crash

Argentina is waking up to horrific news this Sunday as River Plate’s pocket-sized midfield magician Diego Buonanotte was badly injured in a car accident which left all his three passengers dead.

According to reports Buonanotte, 21-years-old, was driving his Peugeot 607 on a rural highway with three other young men when the car crashed into a tree at 6:45 am. The passengers, Gerardo Sune, Alexis Fulcheri and Emanuel Melo, were all killed, and Buonanotte suffered a broken collar bone and also a broken right arm as well as bruises on his chest.

According to firefighter Maximo Fernandez, who was one of the first on the scene, the car had slammed into the tree on its passenger side, trapping his passengers inside after skidding of the road in the rain. Firefighters had to cut the car open to extract the passengers, who sadly died shortly thereafter. Buonanotte had escaped out of the wrecked car and was conscious when rescue personnel arrived.

A local television report into the horrific accident can be seen here.