VIDEO: Paraguay’s General Diaz have two defenders sent off for fighting each other v Cobresal

So this doesn’t happen too often…

A bizarre incident was recorded in the Copa Sudamericana on Wednesday night in South America as Chilean side Cobresal played host to Paraguay’s General Diaz.

After an explosive start the match in with General Diaz took a 2-1 lead by the 34th minute, the visitors hit to self0implode button in the 37th minute when TWO teammates were sent off for fighting.

For some strange reason, teammates Angel Vera and Gustavo Toranzo came to blows when there seemed no need for either player to lose their rag, and as a result both players were slapped with red cards.

Incredibly, General Diaz were later reduced to 8 (!) men when Cristian Sosa also received his marching orders in the second half, but despite having a three man advantage, hosts Cobresal failed to overcome their opponents losing 3-2 on aggregate.

Watch the footage above.