Video of the Wayne Rooney warm up shot that broke a 9-year-old’s wrist (Wolves 0 – Manchester United 5)

Manchester United may have eased to a 5-0 Premier League win at Wolves on Sunday but it wasn’t all plain sailing for star striker Wayne Rooney at Molineux.

News emerged yesterday that 9-year-old Manchester United fan Jamie Thomas, attending his first ever Red Devils match, suffered a broken wrist when he was hit by a stray Wayne Rooney shot in the warm-up.

As can be seen on the video below, which also illustrates just how hard Rooney hits the ball, during the warm-up the England striker missed the goal and cannoned the ball into the fans cheering on their heroes. Thomas put his hands up to protect his face but the ball clattered into his wrist leaving him in pain.

Young Jamie takes up the story: “It all happened so fast, one minute I was watching Wayne take shots at goal and the next the ball was flying towards me. It was coming really fast and I just put my hands up. I felt like a rocket had hit my arm but I was buzzing because Wayne had kicked it. I thought my arm and wrist was okay but it was getting more painful.”

He also told The Sun, “I missed most of the second half but it was worth it. I think it’s brilliant that Wayne Rooney broke my wrist. Everyone at school wanted to sign my plaster cast.”

On Thursday, Wayne Rooney tweeted an apology:  “I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas. I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address.”

Video evidence of the Wayne Rooney warm up shot that broke Jamie Thomas’ wrist is here.

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