VIDEO: Mehmet Scholl has a panic attack before Belgium-Germany

Last night’s Euro 2012 qualifier between Belgium and Germany was a big occasion for former Nationalmannschaft playmaker Mehmet Scholl. The 39-year-old was making his first appearance as an analyser on German TV in place of Gunter Netzer.

Scholl though became a victim of a prank played by the Germany players who were pretending to aim shots at the TV analysers in the build-up to the match.

Just a couple of weeks ago Sky presenter Jessica Kastrop achieved worldwide fame as she was hit in the head by an errant shot by Stuttgart defender Khalid Boulahrouz in a similar position to where Scholl and co-commentator Reinhold Beckmann were standing.

Scholl can be seen visibly flinching during the pre-game chat and today the German press have reported that he was wary that “Schweini (Bastian Schweinsteiger) was aiming in our direction.”

Video of Mehmet Scholl’s panic attack before Belgium-Germany.


Staying on the topic of balls hitting people, Belarus defender Alexander Yurevich suffered a minor embarrassment during his country’s superb 1-nil win in France on Friday night when the number five was hit on the head by a rogue ball when lining up for a throw-in.

The footage can be seen here.