VIDEO: Manchester United take on the Crossbar & Buggy Challenges

Manchester United have teamed up with betting company Betfair, and as part of the promotional campaign the United squad took part in a series of fun challenges to test their skills.

First up, the squad took part in a slightly different-to-the-norm Crossbar Challenge in which players needed to strike a series of four balls, each moving closer and closer to the net, to see how many times they could hit the woodwork.

Manchester United’s Crossbar Challenge can be seen here.

In the second drill, the players were put through their paces of hitting a moving target as they took on the Buggy Challenge. “Joe the Groundsman” was employed to drive around in a golf cart with a traffic cone on his roof while Wayne Rooney, Ben Foster and Danny Welbeck attempt to knock a cone off the vehicle.

Manchester United’s Buggy Challenge can be seen here.

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