VIDEO: Liverpool’s George Gillett interviewed on Saudi Arabian TV

Whether or not Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia buys into Liverpool remains to be seen, but American co-owner George Gillett has been doing his best to woo the potential billionaire investor on his trip to the Middle East over the past few days.

Taking every opportunity to portray the Anfield giants in the best possible light, Gillett stepped out in front of the local cameras at the Al Nasr football club as local photographers snapped away as Gillett hobnobbed with his hosts. (See here.)

Later, a local journalist got the opportunity to quiz Gillett about the purpose of his visit to The Kingdom, although the questions posed were rather tame.

First, Gillett was asked to comment on his impressions of the football infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, which allowed the Penfold-esque Yank the opportunity to lavish praise on his hosts saying “this is first class… and the development program is a real model for the Middle East.”

After the gentle teaser, Gillett was posed with the slightly more awkward question of discussing his relation with the F6 investment group. Sidestepping, Gillett touted standard cliched lines including “I think its early in the process, but we’re very enthusiastic.” Last, Gillett was asked to explain what are the implications and benefits for Liverpool for visiting Saudi Arabia to which the owner said “we don’t know yet… these types of relationships improve our opportunities.”

George Gillett’s interview with Saudi Arabian TV can be seen here.