VIDEO: Joel Huiqui is a dirty cheat (Cruz Azul-Monarcos Morelia)

Following Le Hand of Henry, handballs have once again come into sharp focus in the world of football. That said, we’d like you to become familiar will Cruz Azul’s cheating defender, Joel Huiqui.

The incident in question came about during the Mexican Apertura semi-final match on Sunday night between Cruz Azul and Monarcas Morelia. Having drawn the opening match in a goalless stalemate, it was a winner-takes-all scenario at the weekend as both sides fought for the victory which would see them grab a coveted play in the final.

With the stakes so high came the moment of despicable cheating from Joel Huiqui just after the quarter hour of the contest.

Monarcas earned a free-kick in the hosts’ half, and proceeded to float a dangerous ball into the visitors towards their captain Mauricio Romero, who in turn was marked by Joel Huiqui. Neither player made contact with the initial free-kick, and the free-kick ran through to home keeper Jose de Jesus Corona who managed to only get body behind the ball with collecting it.

And then came the cheating.

With the ball spilling back out into the box, a grounded Joel Huiqui managed to scoop the ball with his hand away from the boot of Monarcas’ Wilson Tiago, and with that the attack was snuffed out.

Amazing, none of the officials saw the handball and Joel Huiqui sheepishly got his head down and just carried on with the game.

As may have been expected, Cruz Azul went on to win the match 2-1.

Joel Huiqui’s cheating handball incident can be seen here.