VIDEO: Hutton chucks a ball at Altidore, Jozy headbutts & both see red (Hull-Sunderland)

“Jozy reacted stupidly. I’m not going to defend my player. He’ll be disciplined because of it. It’s not acceptable. In a big, big game, he’s let his teammates down.” – Hull manager Iain Dowie.

“We all do things in the heat of the moment on a football pitch. Alan Hutton was a bit silly to throw the ball at Altidore’s back, but that wasn’t going to hurt him. The letter of the law is apparently that if you throw the ball then it is a red card, but that, for me, doesn’t warrant the same punishment as a headbutt. It’s a good job that Hutton managed to get out of the road as much as he did, but he has still ended up with a cut eye, a smashed nose and a chipped tooth. He was close to having really serious facial injuries. In a way, he was lucky because it could have been far, far worse and he could have been in hospital now. The last thing you want is somebody to headbutt you – that’s GBH, not a sending off.” – Sunderland boss Steve Bruce.

Footage of the most contentious incident from Saturday in the Premier League can be seen here.

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