Video & GIF: Olivier Giroud’s terrible dive (Arsenal) v Liverpool

Now, if this had been Luis Suarez….

Liverpool fans, along with plenty of other people, were spitting fire at Arsenal forward Olivier Giroud in the final stages of the 2-2 draw with the Anfielders, after the Frenchman was accused of taking a dive on the edge of the box.

With just over five minutes remaining at the Emirates on Wednesday night, Giroud went to ground on the edge fo the Liverpool box after having stuck the ball around last defender Daniel Agger.

At first glance it looked like Giroud could have won a dangerous free-kick whilst getting the Liverpool centre-half sent off. Agger had mistimed a slide as the ball skated past him, and it seemed like the defender had taken out Giroud in the process.

But then came the reserve angle which conclusively showed no contact had been made. Giroud was instantly labelled a dirty diver, as the image of the forward pathetically holding his ankle in supposed agony as he hit the ground made him appear foolish.

In fairness to ref Kevin Friend, he quickly slapped the beefy French forward with a yellow card.

Watch Olivier Giroud’s terrible dive v Liverpool below.