VIDEO: Gerrard, Carra & Hamann star in Liverpool’s “15 Minutes That Shook The World” trailer

Makers of a new movie “15 Minutes That Shook the World,” that centres on Liverpool’s halftime team-talk during their legendary 2005 Champions League final with AC Milan, have released a fantastic trailer in order to hype up their film.

The aptly named Miracle Productions have pieced a wonderfully satirical video which sees Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Didi Hamann all star in a trailer that captures “Rafa Benitez” deliver his halftime sermon. For those of you witch a short-memory, Liverpool were trailing 3-nil at the the interval after having been blown out of the water by the Rossoneri.

Cue some comically bad acting, rib-tickling extras dressed up as Liverpool players, and the funny man in the background who plays the guitar!

Watch the superb tongue-in-cheek trailer here.

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