VIDEO: Gazza caught headbutting a bouncer in a snooker hall

Poor Paul Gascoigne. The fall from greatness of one of English football’s more beloved characters has reached new depths after Gazza was caught on CCTV headbutting a bouncer at a snooker hall.

According to The Sun, the flare up came about after the doorman told drunken Gazza to leave the premises after illegally lighting a cigarette, having already warned the former England star about the non-smoking rule earlier in the evening. Then, in a classic example of acting without thinking, Gazza launched himself at the employee with a headbutt.

Paul Hindle, the victim, is quoted in the red-top saying, “I survived Basra without a scratch, then come home to Newcastle and get beaten up by Gazza. I couldn’t believe it. It hurt like hell – I had a headache for a day… I could tell it was about to get violent, and Gazza just launched himself at me. I was shocked. Some people might have hit back but I didn’t because Gazza is so scrawny now and I thought I’d end up hurting him.”

CCTV footage of Gazza’s assault on the bouncer can be seen here.