Video: Gael Clichy gets all upset when snubbed by Arsene Wenger before Man City 1 – Arsenal 1

Arsenal fans will no doubt love this clip and in truth it is hard to have much sympathy for Gael Clichy.

The excellent Manchester City YouTube channel have released their regular Tunnel Cam from before the 1-1 draw with Arsenal and it features on camera an excellent moment between Clichy and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

To set the scene, Gael Clichy spent eight years at Arsenal, plucked from obscurity at Cannes where he grew into an international defender before making the now common transfer to Manchester City for seven million pounds.

Caught on Tunnel Cam below, is the moment Clichy and Wenger come face to face as the Arsenal boss walks past all the Manchester City players ready to go out on their warm up.

Arsene Wenger walks past the City players, blanking Clichy in the process and the Manchester City left back takes it badly, mouthing mouthing out loud to Vincent Kompany and his team mates: “its only been nine years.”