Video explaining The Curse of Aaron Ramsey

Even before The Sun wrote about “The Curse of Aaron Ramsey” on Monday, there were plenty of Arsenal fans joking after the Welshman had equalised at Sunderland on Saturday, that global celebrities should watch out.

Following the Currant Bun assertion that “Aaron Ramsey was being bizarrely linked to Whitney Houston’s death by fans last night after a series of odd coincidences,” the “story” has been picked up plenty of websites worldwide and there is a certain fascination to the links between the Arsenal midfielder scoring and the deaths of major world personalities.

To recap, for those that aren’t aware, seemingly every time Ramsey scores a goal for Arsenal, within days a famous figure dies. The list now looks like this:

Aaron Ramsey scores for Arsenal v Manchester United (May 1, 2011) – Osama Bin Laden dies (May 2, 2011)

Aaron Ramsey scores for Arsenal v Tottenham (October 2, 2011) – Steve Jobs dies (October 5, 2011)

Aaron Ramsey scores for Arsenal at Marseille (October 19, 2011) – Colonel Gadaffi dies (October 20, 2011)

Aaron Ramsey scores at Sunderland (February 11, 2012) – Whitney Houston dies (February 12, 2012)

A video explaining The Curse of Aaron Ramsey, with all the Welsh midfielder’s goals during this run, is here.