Video evidence: Wayne Rooney vs Aalborg

Wayne Rooney finds himself at the centre of a storm after last night’s Champions League match with Aalborg, with the United forward charged with a series of unsavoury incidents including stamping on his opposition.

The chief victim of Rooney’s alleged misbehaviour was Aalborg’s inside-left midfielder Kasper Risgard, with video footage clearly showing Rooney stamping on the Risgard’s chest just before the interval.

In a separate incident during the second half, Rooney was seen dangerously lunging, with his studs up, at the back of defender’s Michael Jakobsen calf. And there was still more to come as later in the match Rooney showed his petulance by lashing out at Thomas Augustinussen, who the striker felt was too close to him in midfield.

After the match Rooney was forced to explain his actions, with the striker simply arguing “it’s football, it’s a physical game.”

Video evidence of Rooney’s performance against Aalborg can be seen here.